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25 Jan 12
i have just started the aerial a couple of days ago..but i cant land it u can see in the video..i always fall on ..
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5 Sep 11
Hi, I have been doing the cartwheel for 2 days now. When I'm doing a cartwheel I don't do it perfectly vertically. I tucked ..
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25 May 11
Hi! Thank you for your 540 kick help. It's improved dramatically in the past few months. Anyways, I've started to learn bac..
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16 May 11
First of all, I sent you an advice request a while back, but since then my backs have become better and I made a new video. H..
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23 Feb 11
I started landing 540 kicks and aerials a couple weeks ago (yes, almost consecutively), and I'm just wondering what immediate ..
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26 Jan 11
I don the backflip for several weeks now and ther is no improvement. I think i have this motion in my muscle memory. I don't k..
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18 Oct 10
Hey skilzat, I'm back with more another request for some tips for another move. Would you mind helping me out with my sides..
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1 Oct 10
Jumping Hello there Skillzat! I just have a question about jumping in General ( Cheat Kicks ) I recently got my Cheat 540, ..
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26 Aug 10
Recurring fear Hi Skilzat. I have this problem of recurring fear. Even though I've landed many btwists, each time I try ..


13 Aug 10
This is mainly focused toward my aerial training. I am not totally sure what I am doing wrong and I think I am approaching the..
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27 Jun 10
Hi I am learning backflip and I have some problems. The most important is that I am not doing it straight, I am not afraid(..
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17 May 10
HEY SKILLS! I'm having a little trouble with my raiz! I learnt gumbis the other day so now my raiz is inverted and all of ..
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8 May 10
Hello There, So I have been trying to do a 540 for about 2 weeks now and I just can't land it. I need solid tips ..
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5 Apr 10
Hi!! Im working on this damn move for SOOOOOOOOO long and i had it at some point :\ anyway, please help me out, i need ..
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30 Mar 10
Hy, I try this move a couple of months now (and it was a long hard way to get it like this .. without your tutorial it woul..
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5 Mar 10
I've been practicing my aerials for 4 MONTHS! now. And the reason why I can't progress as fast as others is because of my busy..
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28 Feb 10
Here is my tornado, I didnt practiced it too long, but I want to turn it into 540 kick. I want to know, what to do better if y..
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25 Feb 10
I know you don't have a tutorial for Corks but I do know you can do them. But anyways, I've been doing corks for a month now. ..
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2 Nov 09
Ok look, ever since i've started tricking i've always liked the raiz cause of its floaty feeling. But I just can't get that wh..
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23 Aug 09
Hey :) i worked on my cartwheels a long time, done one handed cartwheels and that stuff. Then i went for the aerial: i can do..
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