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Advice for xerador  

March 30, 2010

I try this move a couple of months now (and it was a long hard way to get it like this .. without your tutorial it would have been impossible, because I'm train alone .. so thank you for your site)

maybe you could help me again.

Since I saw the first videos with raiz s/t gainer flash, I said to me - Hey man you have to learn Raiz.

I dont know why its so hard for me to make a gainer after that move, but I think it has something to do with my arm motion at the landing or my head or chest.

Or it's only the fear of the first time s/t .. I dont know.

I only know that I need advice. It would be fine if you could give me some general advice how I can improve my raiz (higher, cleaner ..) and how I can go on after the trick

Analysis and Suggestions

I am honestly very surprised you cannot swing through for this haha. Everything looks very good for the most part, and you do manage to swing your leg through is good.

There's not much to say really, that's how good it is so far.
1) You could try practicing Hook > Raiz > Swing Through. The hook takes lots of the effort out of doing a Raiz afterward. It makes the Raiz easier to do better. You could probably swing through with that momentum. After getting used to it, the swinging through will be in your muscle memory, and you'll be able to recall it from a standing Raiz easier.
2) Maybe you're a purist and you want to hit the standing Raiz > Swing Through before Hook > Raiz > Swing Through haha. In this case, I would suggest to try to keep your chest closer to your center. You travel quite a bit outwards. Observe how far your upper body moves away from over your base leg as you're taking off. You're always going to have to a littttle, but try to keep your upper body from traveling as much. The more your upper body travels, the further your legs have to travel as well to get over and to the ground. The further they have to travel, the more time they take, and subsequently, the more difficult it will be to swing through. Basically, just try to let your upper body travel as much.

You're doing very well. You will have this very, very soon!

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 xerador April 08, 2010 12:13pm
Thank you for the good reply! I will train both ways *g* with the hook and without. I've never done it with a hook kick before .. so it will be a little bit odd at the beginning. When you say "keep your chest closer to your center" do you mean that i should arch earlier and harder, or that I'm travel with my upper body to far sideway? or both? *g* With that knowledge that my raiz is on a good way I'm really looking forward to my next sessions - ready for s/t! thank you so much