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Advice for NoMore  

April 05, 2010

Im working on this damn move for SOOOOOOOOO long
and i had it at some point :\

anyway, please help me out, i need somthing to help me land this

maybe a Rare Candy? or a Senzu Bean? i dont know....


Analysis and Suggestions

I think the problem here might be with your prerequisites - the Gainer Flash. If you notice, when your leg swings up for the Gainer before you leave the ground, your upper body leans back as much at the same time.
You generally don't want to do this. You want to get your lower body to go up and around your upper body. You don't want for your upper body to be forced in any way under your lower body. So by leaning back so much for the trick, you're sorta messing up the technique. It may seem like it's helping you get horizontal, but it's actually counterproductive.
Try keeping your chest high, your head up, and jumping into the Gainer with your body as vertical as is possible. Get your hips up, don't get your body down! This is probably going to take a lot of fighting your muscle memory, but if you find a way to get it done, it's going to improve the height, aesthetics, and technique of your Gainer, as well as it's later variations, like the Cork. Have fun. :)

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