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Advice for L3gendary92  

August 13, 2010
This is mainly focused toward my aerial training. I am not totally sure what I am doing wrong and I think I am approaching the move wrong. I have been trying for nearly a month now and can't seem to get it. I can do a cartwheel pretty well I would like to believe but not the aerial. Perhaps I am not jumping high and maybe I am keeping my head tilted towards the ground or something.

Any advice on my front hs would be nice too! Thanks

Analysis and Suggestions

For the Aerials, you're not really jumping. I see that before you actually take a crack at them, you emulate the jumping motion well. But when it comes to actually doing them, you don't quite jump. You basically reach your hands out completely ready to catch the ground haha. Use those arms to firmly pull yourself up, don't let your chest drop at all after you takeoff, and really jump! You want your hips to move up and over your head after you take off, you don't want your head to move down and beneath your hips after you take off. When your hips go up, you go higher into the air. When your head goes down, you go into the ground.

Also, with both the Aerial and the Carthweel, you seem to be kicking up with your foot, but not with your whole leg. Your thigh seems to just be dragging along behind the foot. The kicking motion is led with the foot but powered mostly by the movement of the thigh (which comes from muscles in the hips). Pull with your entire leg straight with the kicking for the Carthweel and Aerial.
You may have to focus practice moreso on getting a good, consistent, and quick Cartwheel first.

For the Front Handspring, you have the basics down. Just try to keep your arms straight. If you watch from the front, you'll notice they bend considerably during your execution. Straighten them up so you stand up tall on them during the flip, and just keep practicing.

Keep it up! :)

Comment Archive

 kamikazehelm March 17, 2011 2:54pm
I can't do the arial myself, but I can do cartwheels and one-handed cartweels. what I notice is that you bend your legs, try to keep them straight :) (practice this with cartweels, it makes my cartweels A LOT smoother). Also, you have the same problem that I have with arials, you put your hands down right after taking off, instead of swinging them up (to gain more height).

 shurY September 02, 2010 9:35am
Ok, first of all, I can't do this move yet and I'm a noob. But I think, that you are jumping forward (stop video at 0:41 when you are taking off). I'd suggest you to try some Dive Cartwheels (google it, if you don't know, what it means ;)) (Two handed and then one handed)and when you feel comfortable with it (try to land the right leg as soon as possible right after your hand and set your mind, that you have enough time to land it with full control and easily) And then try the aerial.:) Hope it helps :)