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Advice for Caloy  

October 01, 2010

Hello there Skillzat! I just have a question about jumping in General ( Cheat Kicks ) I recently got my Cheat 540, Cheat 720 and working on Cheat 900 now. My question is how do I get more height on my cheat Kicks. My Cheat Kicks only gets around head height when im standing. It's kidna hard to explain but stop your video at:01, check where your head is when your standing. Stop it again when your in the peak of your 540. Youg got like a foot higher. I can only get like 2-4 inches.

Any advice on this?

Analysis and Suggestions

Hello there! I'm responding to this rather late, but hopefully something I have to say can still be relevant ;).

Well, I think the reason why I seem to go a lot higher is because I think about jumping into the trick. See, we can't distinguish between tricking tricks and other physical activities. Running, jumping, 540ing, kicking, and back flipping may each seem like they're each their own activity, totally different disciplines. But they're all very related.

So, don't think of your 540 as just a 540, or any of your tricks as just X-trick. Almost all tricks are just jumps. You're simply jumping into a slightly more complex maneuver. When you do a 540, don't think "I need to do a 540 like my life depends on it!" Think, "I need to jump into the air, and then do some 540 like things with myself!"

Tehehe, This advice is especially relevant if you can already do the trick. Since you already can do a 540 (and other cheat tricks), the technique is already there in your muscle memory. Your body and mind can probably do it without thinking too much by now, whether you think it or not! So, trust your body to do the technique, and focus on simply jumping up into the air.

There's not too much technical stuff to talk about as far as jumping into a trick goes. Don't worry about some sort of jumping technique for the trick, your body is smart, it knows how to jump. Just tell it to jump, don't distract it by over-thinking the technique.

Now, that all is the theory. As far as practical application goes: You may want to try drilling just the first couple parts of the trick. Do your cheat setup, then jump up as if you're going to 540. Of course, don't follow through with it. (Same applies for Cheat 720, 900, etc). Just do the setup and then take off. Practice jumping as high (read: fast) as you can into the take off. You can focus on getting your body used to jumping up into the trick by not having to distract yourself with the rest of the technique. Drill the technique, try jumping up high each time.

I hope this helps, let me know if it works or if you need any more clarification. Take care! :)

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 Caloy October 03, 2010 10:24pm This will rpobably help, my head stays in the same level when I'm standing and when I'm in the peak of my jump.