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Advice for RaizRunner  

October 18, 2010
Hey skilzat,

I'm back with more another request for some tips for another move. Would you mind helping me out with my sideswipes? I had this move pretty good a few months back but then I neglected to drill it so I lost it. I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong...

Thanks in advance!

Analysis and Suggestions

It's not looking too bad right now, the basics of the technique seem to be there.

This advice is similar to the advice I gave to the gentlemen who submitted a request just previous to you. More jumping! Hehe, this is actually the root of many of the basic tricking problems.

You see, with the Sideswipe (and even Raiz for some people), we think, "Hmm, you're supposed to be inverted when you do this trick. So, that means I need to keep everything low, right?" For some reason we think that going up for these tricks is bad. Not so! You can still do things up high and well and still be inverted. In fact, this will help the technique.

Now for you specifically, watch yourself in slow motion as you setup into the trick, and then take off into the trick. You dig down good, plant the foot all cozy-like, everything looks well. But, when you start swinging yourself into the trick, notice where everything goes: it all goes down. Your head and shoulders and all of that are pulled back and down. This often happen when we try to achieve inversion.

So what do to? Focus everything up! Now, the fundamentals of your Sideswipe technique are all there. You got the dig, swinging of the arms and the leg, arching and kicking and all that. So everything is good, we just want to give it that up-and-over-floating-on-air look, and not so much the down-pummel-to-the-ground look hehe.

So when you're doing the sideswipe, and you go to take off, think about jumping up into the air. You don't need to think about doing that AND the Sideswipe technique. You already know the Sideswipe technique, your body can do it, so it will do it. Right now, focus on getting your head, chest, and shoulders up high into the air as you takeoff while doing the Sidewsipe.

It's less something you think, and more something you feel ;). Hope this helps, have fun! :)

Comment Archive

 RaizRunner October 19, 2010 7:05pm
Wow, I apologize for my horrible typing... I was really tired last night so I wasn't really paying attention. "I'm back with one more request for some tips for another move. Would you mind helping me out with my sideswipes? I had this move down pretty well a few months back but I've been neglecting to drill it so I pretty much lost the move. I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong..."