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Advice for Reneho  

August 23, 2009
Hey :)
i worked on my cartwheels a long time, done one handed cartwheels and that stuff. Then i went for the aerial: i can do it from grass into sand, but somehow i can't do them on problems are basically the jump, the one leg that is still bend and my arms (i don't know if i throw them right)

all the best

Analysis and Suggestions

Right now the general technique seems alright. You are jumping, the problem is that you're also throwing your arms/upper body down at the same time. If you throw your upper body down, you go down. You basically swing your arms down which carries your upper body down. You want to ease and dip your upper body down before you jump. Your whole top half comes down way before you jump, you dip into the last step of the setup. After that, then you jump up.
So basically, just work on your timing. The dipping down comes in the setup, not during the takeoff. In the takeoff, you jump! Keeping this fact in mine, watch my Aerial, or people like Jujimufu and whatnot. The lowering of our upper bodies all comes as we take the last step (if we're walking) into the dip; even if we're standing we dip our bodies down before we have to do the jump, not as. And swing those arms open like you are now during the jump as well.
You got this. :)

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