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Advice for joetheazl  

December 15, 2007
hey, again. thanks for givin me advice on my raiz. but i also have problem with one move that ive been workin on for a LONG TIME!!!! THE FREAKKIN BTWIST!!! it seems that i cant go HIGH ENOUGH and GO STRAIGHT UP! something is screwin me up thats not letting me do those things. so can u help? i wanna get my btwist to swing through.

Analysis and Suggestions

This is already a pretty solid foundation. Thus, there are few things you need to do to improve this much.

First of all, try slowing down the whole dipping-turning setup thing. You don't need to do it extra fast, you need to do it extra controlled. Try slowing it down and forcing all the force to go UP instead of trying to go to the side or go out.

To help with swinging through, when you do the (slower) dip dip low then raise your chest back up high, and as soon as you jump twist over. You want to emphasize the jump and then follow it with the twist.

And of course, practice various little changes and see what works best for you. :)

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