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Advice for Bartek  

June 27, 2010

I am learning backflip and I have some problems. The most important is that I am not doing it straight, I am not afraid( I think so...) but when I am doing it I think I am straight and I land far on right. I know my tucking is bad but I try to improve it. I have to tricking on a grass because there is not gym in my area. So please, can you give some advaices? I am new in this stuff.

Analysis and Suggestions

Take note of the moment that you leave the ground for each jump. Your legs never reach full extension! You bend down for the jump, which is good. And you start jumping up, which is good. But your legs stay bent as you jump. They go straight from being bent on the ground to being bent in the air.
But if they don't reach full extension, that means that your jump has be CUT. It has not reached anywhere nears its potential, so you're going to start falling almost right after you leave the ground. It also probably means there's a lot of tension in your jump, which may be one reason why you drift off to the side.
The solution is simple to say, but harder to perform: fully jump. Jump to full extension, really push quickly off the ground, like you're trying to jump as high as possible. Without this jump, the back flip won't work right. Delay the tuck, you don't want to tuck right off the ground for now. Jump up, high and fast, and then tuck. Remember, jumping gives you plenty of time to tuck! No need to rush.
So remember the rhythm: bend, jump, bend (tuck). It's not bend, bend. Down, up, ball. Really get all three of those steps distinctly in your head: bend down, jump up, and then tuck. Focus on that middle step, the jump. Really set the jump. Your tuck is good, try to get your knees in more than your feet in. If you bend your knees in, your feet will follow appropriately. Have fun man!

Comment Archive

 acer902 July 07, 2010 1:09pm
One thing that im seeing u do is that you dont tuck in your knees, instead you just slap them. try practicing holding on to you knees more tightly. flexibility helps. For the jumping back problem....try getting your feet,knees and shoulders line up on the set up, when u jump up, make sure ur shoulders doesnt drop back. thats all i can say, good luck! ;D

 Golan360 July 06, 2010 10:49am
Ok, I'm not a very good tricker, but I think you jump to much backwards. Try to jump straight up, then you don't waste energy/power. Try frist to jump up straight and as high as possible. And as you said, try to tuck more. Maybe it helps, if you touch the place between knee and foot (don't know the word in english :@).