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Advice for Augenatic  

March 05, 2008
Hello Skilzat! I need help on my b-twist, and since I already posted two threads about it on TT, I decided to ask here hehe. So, the main problem is that my b-twist's are really inconsistent! Last time I did them, I found a good way to b-twist that gave me height and a faster spin. I also did some in school, with no warmup and in heavy shoes - those felt good! Now, they're crap haha. I feel confused when I'm going through the butterfly setup, haha, and when I film it from the side it just looks.. wrong. The standing twist thing went pretty good though. Well, that's kind of it haha. Thanks in advance ^_^.

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Analysis and Suggestions

Augantic basically has the Butterfly Twist down, but it would seem he needs wants to clean it up a bit. So we shall do just that!
The biggest thing I notice is that you don't seem to be directing much of your tricks energy upwards. Make sure that when you takeoff into the move, you really want to jump up. Of course, before that you have to dig down a bit, which you are doing. But don't forget to jump, think about forcing your chest up off your knee, feel really push yourself UP.
Try lifting your back leg up a bit sooner too, and do it faaast.
Actually, you can try doing these on regular Butterfly Kicks, if they help those out, then just add a regular spin to it, and if you do everything consistently, it should transition nicely into the B-Twist.

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