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Advice for john citizen  

April 23, 2008
hey man
ive been wrking on my tornado kick for like a year (on and off) and been trying to get a 540. i started off with a juji 540 tut setup, which was easy but lacked power imo and then i went to a more cheat setup like urs which feels alot more powerful but i lack coordination.

I would say my problem is not leaning back and that my nonkicking leg doesnt bend like like the 3rd picture under 'Kick' of ur 540 tut. but mayb u can see sumthing else that could help?

note: these clips are in chronological order. the indoor ones being most recent and are indoors coz its been raining
oh and seeing as this is a cresent kinda kick will it be hard to jacknife?

Analysis and Suggestions

The kick of the Tornado does not look bad right now, it's very high and smooth, that much is good.

You don't need to focus on leaning back more really.

The one reason why your setup and subsequently your entire move is lacking power is because your kicking leg, the same leg you jump off of.
Do you see the problem I'm pointing to yet?
Well, it doesn't bend at all. You hammer your leg down to the ground straight before you takeoff, but it's not bent! Remember, it's just about impossible to jump off of a straight leg! You need to let that leg bend as the foot touches the ground, in order for it to extend. Remember, it's like a vertical jump, or a spring. It must bend down, or coil down, so it can then extend back upwards.
So make sure your leg is bent when it plants to the ground. Try to lower your entire body slightly, and shift your leg over the leg you're jumping off of. Take a look at the slide in my 540 or Tornado Kick tutorial where I'm still setting up on the ground, and I dig my leg down. See how it's bent like that (and the other leg that I don't jump off of is usually straight while on the ground)? That's how you wanna have it.

Remember, this setup, as with most setups in Tricking, is only a motion to setup the trick, combined with a dip or dig for a vertical jump. In this case, bending the leg you jump off down a bit allows you to then spring and JUMP back off of it when you takeoff and turn towards the target.

After you JUMP (be sure not to kick too early, like before you've completed leaving the ground), then throw out the nice kick you already have! Good luck.

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