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Advice for jessster  

April 26, 2008
Hi! I've worked on this move for a month more or less...I'm able to land it sometime but I land on my ass the most of the times..I'm trying to make it higher and I'm working on the arms motion because I think that the one I was using was throwing me to the ground... anyway I think that the problem here is that I'm too low...I'm trying to make it higher but I'm still low. For the prerequisites: I can fronthandspring and aerial.
can you help me? thanks!

Analysis and Suggestions

There is one sliiiight thing (though it has a great impact) I notice that you do right as you step forwards. As you go to step forwards, the jumping leg pulls backwards just a little before it hits the ground. Notice that? Try sticking it out further and planting it firmly without pulling it back before the jump. That's one little thing.

Although, it can make a big difference. You're going forwards and not up because the angle between your foot and your hip on your jumping leg is going forwards, and not up, if you get what I mean. Try to plant your foot and jump off if it in a manner so that the angle between your foot and the hip of your jumping leg is as close to completely vertical as possible.

Make sure you JUMP off the leg too. Don't just push and flip forwards, make a conscious effort to JUMP off of it, and go up. While you jump with your leg, you swing with your arms. It seems to me that your arm motions aren't too committed. Really force your elbows UPwards into the sky. Don't pull them forwards, pull them up up up behind you. It's similar to what you're doing now, but you want to direct as much energy upwards as possible with them.

Push yourself up!

Also, don't drop your head down. Same goes with your chest. Don't throw your upper body down there and expect to flip around, you need to pull it up as well. You curl your chin hard into your chest, think of pushing your chest into the sky as well. This is in a manner, for instance, if your chest comes close to your jumping knee when you take off, you want to keep pushing it past that knee, and have it pull up up up.

Try to get everything to go up! Some of this is hard to explain, I apologize haha. But try it out! Good luck.

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