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April 26, 2008
Hi Aaron!
i was working my kicks and i just cant find whats wrong myself
i think it may be a lack of flex but im not sure since im not THAT lame (i hope)
in this clip i got my tornados, 540 attepts (parts of the 540), c720, pop 360, what i think pop 540 is, my LAME spins (i could do 540 spin, but for some reason i cant anymore), and B-Kicks
it a VERY LONG clip i think, almost 2 min (i put some music), cose i wanted it to have most (almost all) of my attempts today
i really hope you can find my problems, cose i just cant

Analysis and Suggestions

Alright, you have many specific problems for the specific tricks, but I did notice one thing that stood out in just about all of them.
You need to dig before you do the jumps for each trick. Practice doing regular vertical jumps, up as high and fast as you can. What do you do? You dig down hard, swing your arms back hard, then you jump up hard, and swing your arms up hard too. The same principle applies to tricks.

For the Tornado Kick's, it looks like it could be good, but you're just almost tapping the ground with you're jumping foot, just sorta putting it on the ground simply because you need to. This goes for the 540s as well, in fact I think your 540s are doing it even less.
Divide the takeoff of the move into two steps, Set Up with the dig, Takeoff with the jump. When you dig down, only dig down. Do that one step. Don't think about flowing into the takeoff from the dig, you dig, and THEN you jump. You don't dig and jump, you separate them in execution.
So, make the dig quite forcefully, get planted in the ground, pull the arms back and get ready. When that is done (there should only be a split second between them actually, not much delay at all).
After that, focus on the jump. Swing your arms around, turn your head around, and JUMP very fast off the planted leg.
Practice this without Tornado's first, do not move on to 540's until you can do very forceful Tornado's.

This same principle applies to the 360, with the Pop setup. The only difference is you're using two feet and such. Work on applying the same dig > jump principle, study the Pop Setup tutorial I have as a part of the 360 tutorial.
Btw, that's not a Pop 540, it's a Pop Tornado for now, woooo.

Don't try Cheat 720's until you can 540 reasonably well, in your case. You need your Cheat Setup to be solid, a good 540 will be an indication of that. Afterwards, be sure to read my Cheat720 Tutorial carefully, but I don't think you're at the point at this moment where giving you any tips would be practical.

For the Butterfly Kick, it's sorta the same thing as before, dip and jump. This feels quite different since you do it all with the Butterfly Setup, but make sure you're doing it, especially jumping, and yanking the leg up behind you. When you setup the B-Kick, one thing that might help is shifting your chest over your knee, then exploding off of your knee, that really helps you feel the force of the jump.

Also, keep stretching. Keep practicing kicks, try to make them faster and all that, that will help all of these. And don't forget to jump jump JUMP in all tricks you do. Have fun!

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