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Advice for Marvell  

May 19, 2008
Give some advice for my back flip...
I know what i have enough power in my legs to do it in better height...but still it look`s like crap :)

Analysis and Suggestions

Looking swell so far.

One thing to notice is where your upper body and hips are after you dip down and as you start jumping. They stay behind your feet as you jump, which means that your jump is going to go more back and less up.

Try to keep your hips in line over your feet. From this sideways angle, if you were to draw a line from your feet to your hips, you'd want it to be close to vertical. Along with that, focus your energy on just jumping up up up, and fast! Try to jump backwards less and jump upwards more, tell yourself to do that.

That and just practice practice practice, get used to the motion, and it should progressively get easier for you to do it well. Have fun.

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