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May 26, 2008
Here are a few attempts of a 540 kick I've been practicing. Am I jumping high enough and how can I improve so that I can turn it into a 540 kick? Ignore the attempt of a B-Kick at the end.

Analysis and Suggestions

I'm not sure if you've practiced your inside crescent and/or front kicks much, keep doing that along with getting the technique down.
It seems like you're digging a little late, your knee is bent on the ground after your arms have started swinging. Try to keep your leg lower to the ground (the one you're going to jump off of) as you dig, and dig as you're "winding up" your body.
Note the timing of others who do the 540, the dig comes quickly while the arms are opening up and as the person is turning into the setup, it's all part of one step.
In the next step, you want to jump jump JUMP up while swinging your arms around and up and facing the target. Give yourself a split second after you jump before you kick, you can use that time to try to chamber the kick (bring your leg up bent a bit), or you can wait until after to chamber the kick, either way. But just remember the sequence of steps goes Setup > Jump > Kick. It's not Setup > Jump+Kick.
And remember, the setup involves pivoting and digging the leg you're going to jump off of, similar to what you're already doing. But these must be done at the same time, for they are a part of the same "step." Just get that little rhythm a goin.

One thing that may help is for you to only practice one or two of the steps at once. Practice just doing the setup: pivot around, dig your foot, get your arms up and ready. Get used to that motion. Afterwards try practice two steps, the setup and the takeoff. Practice doing the setup, then add the takeoff to it. Be sure to swing around and while you're doing that JUMP firmly and forcefully, a solid jump. And don't do anything after that. Get used to that motion, and get it going good. Then, add the chamber onto that, do the setup and takeoff, then after you jump (in the takeoff, to thoroughly clarify) practice just bringing your knee up; bring your leg up bent towards the target. Get used to that, if it's a little troublesome, go back to just doing the first two steps. Just keep trying this until you can throw out a solid kick.
Remember, to progress to the 540, you're going to have to have a powerful takeoff, which means your setup is going to have to get you into a position to do so. And when you do takeoff, jump quickly, turn towards your target quickly, get everything going up while turning around, then bam, you're set to throw a nice slicing kick!
Good luck.

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