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Advice for Vicious  

July 22, 2008
I've tried arching my back, but doesn't seem to work. I've been working on it for a lil' bit and doesn't look how I want it. I want it to look more like flippy-Raiz.

Analysis and Suggestions

Not a bad base at all! I'd say if you want your Raiz to be better and more flippy, instead of pivoting all the way over to the side when you dip down, only pivot towards the direction you're going to travel in. That is to say, the direction your body is going to be moving in the air: you want to try to tilt in that direction. Don't pivot all the way over behind you like for a cheat trick, step forwards towards the direction you're going.
In fact, you may want to try having your leading foot (the one you jump off of) face forwards in the direction you're going when you setup. That can get you used to focusing your energy more for the flipping part of a Raiz, instead of just trying to turn over.
It's like how, in an Aerial, you step straight in front of you and then "flip" over in that direction. Well in the case of a Raiz, you do the same thing, only you don't step forwards, you pivot from the side to the direction you're going to travel in. Sorta hard to explain, but hopefully you get what I mean.
And try to tilt your upper body in the direction you're going, instead of over to the side like a cheat trick.
You're already doing good, keep it up!

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