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Advice for Kiwarrior  

July 28, 2008
Hi Skilzat!
I was working on my cartwheels for a pretty long time, and I tried to learn the Aerial itself too.
The video contains my so far best Aerial on grass. I can rarely do it, most of the times, I lose so much height that I just can't land it. This one is an attempt made with concentration.
The problems I saw were the lack of extension of the legs, and I don't seem to spread my legs too wide.
Also, if you can see any points where I could improve my jump and height, please let me know.
Thx for help ;)

Analysis and Suggestions

This attempt isn't that bad really. Just remember that every time you Aerial you're going to need to jump UP still. You want to pump everything up every time you takeoff.
You want your arms to pull/swing up like you are now a little sooner, basically at the very same time you jump with your leg and swing your back leg up. Lots of things happen at once.
Immediately after you jump, you can start pulling your first leg down tot he ground. That might make it not bend as much. Just focus on pulling it up behind you straight, don't try pulling it sideways or anything. Practice the motion with cartwheels, and then with aerials as well.

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