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Advice for nitheesh  

August 08, 2008
i have been working on an aerial for 3 ever i try i end up keep my hands down.some said get a hurdel in begging but still its same handes goes down please tell me what am i doing wrong and how long will it take me to learn it

Analysis and Suggestions

You may notice that you're throwing yourself at the ground when you jump into the trick: but this will inherently make you crash it.
Don't try swinging your upper body down in an attempt to flip around, it may seem like that might work at first, but it's actually the opposite of what you want to do. You want to keep your upper body elevated. Instead of swinging it down as you jump, which makes you go to the ground, push it forwards. Swing your arms up, and make sure you jump up. Don't try to just flip around, you need to jump into the technique. Other than that, it looks quite alright. Make sure you're going up though. Try reading and having a thorough understanding of the technique too. It seems that is one thing you may need.

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