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Advice for Jakub  

August 31, 2008
Hey there Aaron!
I have been working on my aerial cartwheel for several weeks now and as you can see on the video I can't really land it. I have tried doing one-handed cartwheels and that's really no problem. I would very much appreciate it if you could give me some hints what should I focus on most. Thanks!

Analysis and Suggestions

In this attempt, you seem to be swinging down. You swing your upper body down, and your arms go down and around. You don't really wanna do this as you're trying to take off.
As your leading foot touches the ground, that is when you perform the dip for the Aerial. That is the time you lean your upper body down and get your arms ready. (You never really swing your arms down).
So make sure you always dip before you takeoff. Then, when you do take off, concentrate on pushing your upper body either up or forwards. Don't throw it down anymore! That will make you fall down, like you are now.
And as you takeoff, instead of trying to swing your arms down and around, yank them up! Think of jabbing your elbows up and pulling your shoulders with them.

So remember, don't dip down, or throw yourself down during the takeoff. Only dip down before the takeoff, and afterward, everything goes UP and/or forwards. Take care!

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