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Advice for scaleyscale  

September 21, 2008
Hey Aaron it's me again.

The clip contains 2 tornadoes and a couple of 540 attempts. I think I don't have enough torque. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it.

Also, I throw crescents in the attempts. I have no problem twisting my hips in a bent knee 540 but when I try to kick out, it always throws a crescent. Thanks!

Analysis and Suggestions

One thing you're going to want to put a lot of effort into is your setup. You may notice by watching this yourself, but your setup isn't like any other 540/cheat setup that people use hehe. Watch the setup of others, and emulate it. It seems like you're just trying to spin around a bit like you see others do, instead of doing the actual technique.
In my tutorial, notice how the setup is all one step. Practice just that step if you must. The setup must all happen at once: the pivot, the dig, and opening the arms. This all sorta "winds you up". Make sure that the arms are back and you're looking at your target as you setup.
Then, do the takeoff, it's all one step. Before the takeoff, your arms should be back, and you should have digged down. So now, you look around towards the target, swing your arms around, jump up, and there's your takeoff. After that, you kick.
For you, work on doing just the setup, and then the setup and takeoff. Tricks are sequences of steps, so make sure that if you're having trouble, you go through one step at a time.
So, practice doing the Cheat setup, and then just turning and jumping; not really doing a trick. Just work on getting the motion for the setup. As you get used to it, just practice turning and jumping out of it, almost like the takeoff. Then, start doing the setup then the actual takeoff, emphasizing the technique of each step. If ever you start having trouble, go back to just working a few steps of the trick until you can do them all without much thought. Build up to the move step by step, and of course the provided tutorial details each step in greater detail.

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