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Advice for nitheesh  

September 23, 2008
i tried a back flip but it look back layout.when i tried it after few hours i am landing on my hands first please help me.thanks for help

Analysis and Suggestions

If you want to make it look less whippy, you need to try to look in front of you for as long as possible while you're jumping up. Try to jump straight up, with your back as close to a vertical line | as possible.
Right now, you're arching back, looking at the sky as you jump. If you look forward as you jump, and try to jump just straight up, then you can power your tuck up.
There's not too much to say in this regard. You can go backwards just fine, now it's a matter of trying to keep yourself from looking back and leaning back as you jump. Don't expect to be able to do it perfectly the first time, if you already look back when you flip, it'll take a while to fix yourself to jump straight up and not look back during the jump. So give it some time, and practice spotting something in front of you for as long as possible.
And direct everything UP UP UP!

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