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Advice for Wes  

October 21, 2008
Hey, I've recently landed a B-twist and an trying to progress towards a B-twist round. The problem is that I am landing *very* low to the ground and I feel like I don't have time to chamber the kick for the round. How do I get more height in my btwists? I've tried really lifting that back leg up but it hasn't led to the hight I thought it would. Maybe I need to stall more before I twist?

Love your website, it is by far one of the most visual appealing/informative ones on the net. I can't wait to see more tutorials!

Analysis and Suggestions

Before moving on to the B-Twist Round, you're going to want to have your regular B-Twist down pact.
With your B-Twist, you throw yourself outwards and down quite a bit. You dip down towards the front of you and push yourself down there while you takeoff.
Practice dipping towards the back knee, as you may observe with many Butterfly setups, and then shifting your weight onto the front knee. Right now, you're dipping straight towards the front, and that's sorta detrimental.

So practice, dip towards the back, shift towards the front. As you shift towards the front, you may want to try picking your upper body up as well. Doing this while kicking your back leg up will help you do the move at a sufficient height while maintaining the technique.

As a side note, you may also want to practice these steps without doing the twist. That is to say, practice doing the above with only your Butterfly Kick, and then the Butterfly Twist. Don't be afraid to slow down the execution a little. Also, compare your current setup to the setup of others. Note where they dip to as opposed to where you dip, where they shift during their takeoff as opposed to where you do, etc. Have fun!

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