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Advice for Brandon Lenz  

November 23, 2008
Hey Skillzat,
I was just wondering what i can do on my btwist to get a nice kick out (btwist round). Every time i try to get the kick out i either fall on my side or it barely comes out at all, and i mean BARELY(like the one in the video). If there's anything i can do to get a btwist round i would greatly appreciate the advice. (especially since TT is down for now)

Thanks loads,

Analysis and Suggestions

There's something peculiar about your execution and I can't quite put my finger on what it is even though it makes it very distinguishable haha.
In the setup, try bending a little earlier, and farther towards the "back" of the setup. Try bending down just a little more, mostly with your knees, and as you shift towards the front thinking about shifting your weight over your leading knee, and keep turning.
Watch your head, you don't want to hang it down too much. Right now it seems like it stays down with your chin even more down as the rest of your body jumps up. Try to keep it at least neutral with your body.
Don't spot the ground too long either. As you leave the ground you want to start turning your head and such, not necessarily wrapping, you don't actually wrap until you're in the air. Lift your chest and head up just a bit as you jump, and once you're in the air you definitely don't want to still be spotting.
Just see which of those tips works for you, and keep practicing it. As you get more used to it, add little things that work for you. Then, practice spotting a target in front of you as you land, and do it a looot. This will prepare you to finally throw the kick out. But the B-twist foundation must be built before that can happy. Cheers!

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