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Advice for j-zn  

December 04, 2008
youve already helped me on my raiz before like a year ago. ive REALLY progressed my tricks meaning i NOW understand the concepts/principles of tricks on how it works because of your articles ive read. when i learned your

Analysis and Suggestions

Not bad at all yet. First thing is watch how much you rotate during your Cheat Setup. You setup facing the camera but you kick a little past the camera, which is generally a result of over-cheating. Watch that your foot doesn't pivot tooo much while you setup.
If you want more height when you take off, jump fast. Really fast. More than that, when you bend down, bend down fast. Bend down fast and jump back up just as fast. You don't have to bend down toooo much but the bend definitely has to be there. The whole motion is better when done fast.
You can try consciously chambering your leg as it comes up. Chamber and yank it up then crank out the kick. Don't try to pull the whole weight of your leg up, bend it in then pull it, then kick it out.
Also, do NOT kick until you have completely left the ground. This is why you want to jump and extend your leg fully really fast, because you have to kick afterwards. If you start trying to pull your kicking leg up too soon, even with a chamber, the kick comes out slow and forced, and you get almost no added height.
So do a very fast, and FIRM distinguished jump in the Takeoff, and after you've done this very distinguished jump, THEN you chamber up and kick out your leg. Two separate steps, make them very distinct. Don't worry about delaying a kick a littttle bit after the Takeoff, as you get used to the technique, it'll smooth itself out.

Other than that, your general technique is pretty good! Just try to apply whatever tips of these work for you, and practice practice practice! Have fun. :)

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