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Advice for ian/ ninjutsian  

December 31, 2008
hey skills, ive been working on this for a few weeks. with my raiz i can get verticle, but my height is destroying this move. i try to focus using my arms, jumping UP, and ripping that back leg through, but it isnt working. im really striving for a s/w so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Analysis and Suggestions

It seems that when you dip down into the trick, and then takeoff, your body stays down and your head stays relatively neutral and you go downwards. It's almost as if you're sort of throwing yourself down as you takeoff.

Dip down before you takeoff and swing and jump and all that, and then afterwards you want everything to go up. Keep your chin up, try to force your upper body up as you turn and all that. Pretend that there's a bar at around your neck level, and that as you takeoff into the Raiz, you're trying to jump up and stretch yourself backwards over it as you arch.

Instead of throwing yourself down, jump yourself up and curve your body along the jump. It can help if during your setup, you try to keep your chest close to the center as you setup, and definitely keep your chin up.

Or, if it helps, think of doing some Aerial type motions from your Raiz setup, yeno?

Or, one method of visualization that helped me, think of doing your Raiz setup, and then pivoting/turning while jumping into like a flash kick or whip back off of one leg.

Try some of this stuff out. See what works. :)

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