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Advice for Blind Raven  

January 02, 2009
I have been practicing the tornado kick for awhile, trying to turn it into the 540. I have tried the cheat setup, the side stepping setup, and the front side setup. I've tried torquing hard but it seems to lead me to losing balance when I land. I have also tried to practice the

Analysis and Suggestions

The general technique so far looks pretty good, there are just a few things to do to be able to bring the technique to the next level, and make the 540 feasible.
Just a few changes to try to make.

- With your arms, as you do the setup, leave the up. You seem to start swinging them a little early. Keep them up as you dig and setup, and only start swinging them around and up when you takeoff into the rest of the move. Make the two arm motions very distinguished. Don't be afraid to leave them back a while, so then once it's time to takeoff, you can rip them powerfully.

- Chambering helps. I know you said you're not sure how to do this well. You don't have to worry about getting tooo technical about it. Just wait to kick out until a little while after you've jumped. Wait a split second or so and then kick. Or, bend your leg in immediately after the jump, and then kick it out.
Don't be afraid to wait a split second until after you jump to kick. Often times, waiting to kick with your leg until after you've jumped and gone up in the air a bit sorta chambers the leg by itself, yeno?

- Don't be afraid to travel a little bit to the side when learning this. Let your body move a little in the direction you're kicking. You can even push in that direction a little while you jump. You don't want to move the opposite way.

Of all of these things, watch your arms motions the most. As you set up, you begin swinging them around. Keep them up and prepped as you setup, and thennnn rip them quickly and strongly as you're jumping. Two different steps, yeno?
Also, I think the chamber will help you a lot. Bend your leg as you "kick it up", and then kick it out a little later.

Try this out. Take care! :)

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