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Advice for crystygye  

November 09, 2007

Analysis and Suggestions

Here Crystygye want's help for his straight gainer. He does it from just a few slow steps forward which is good for control and not running like a wild man.

This is not a bad attempt, he actually does it very well. The form is good and it's well done for a beginner, so he only needs to make it more pro status. :)

The problem I notice is one that happens with most people who are new to gainers: the upper body stops going up before the jump. This may be good for things where there's an intentional whip but that's not what he wants here. What happens is he swings his arms up well and all but he finishes reaching up before his foot has jumped off the ground, so he starts leaning back sort of early. So, his upper body is extending, then he's jumping.

All you need to do is try to jump sooner. Try to minimize the time your jumping leg spends on the ground while still maintaining a good jump. Bend and extend your jumping leg fast, so you quickly bounce right back off the ground. You want to jump off the ground as your upper body is swinging up, so you gain maximum extension into the air and land your gainer higher.

The verdict is simply a small matter of timing. So, Crystygye, you can just practice making your jump quicker so you go up with both your arm swing and your jump. This may just come with practice the gainer more, just try to speed up the jump a little. This comes easier after practice because gainers are naturally scary at first, so we hesitate and slow down the jump. But you have good form already, so I think with a little practice you'll be doing these very well.

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