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Advice for Chrisen  

January 12, 2009
Hey Skilzat, can you help me with my front handsprings?
Im using all my power, but theres no way i can continue combos from that, simply because i get no momentum, you see the cartwheel at the end? That shows that i have no forward momentum, so i cant really concentrate doing something like frontflip :P.. And to be honest, ive worked on my handsprings pretty much.. theres something i seem to miss

Thanks, Chrisen.

Analysis and Suggestions

Your front handspring looks good to me already haha.

To be honest, people usually don't combo front handsprings, mostly because they usually kill a bit of momentum unless you're going into another forward flipping move. Even front handspring to cartwheel/aerial isn't that easy lol.

One thing that can help is bringing down one foot at a time. When you land the front handspring, take the leading foot and pull it down first, bring it all the way to the ground and don't try to pull the other foot to the landing until that one is just about on the ground. "Stepping out" of this move on one foot then the other smoothly and spread out can help you maintain some momentum into other moves.

But, the front handspring really isn't that comboable just so you know haha, so there's no shame in not being able to combo it well. :) But heck, maybe this will make you unique ;). So try practice stepping out of it, then if you want practice coming out of it in a variety of fashions. You don't always have to step out of it, but that would help if you say wanted to go front handspring > cartwheel. Practice practice practice the technique a lot as well.

Oh yes, another short but very important tip: try to keep your arms as straight as possible. Especially as you're actually flipping, get those arms straight. Have fun. :)

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