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Advice for Kiwarrior  

January 30, 2009
Hey Skilzat, its me again.
So I need some advices on the 540 and the B-twist.
For the 540, its pretty solid now, but I dont think my form is
right, cuz its so different from everyone the 540s of others.
For the B-twist, I get the spin part now, but I do the trick kinda
off-angle, so I rarely can land on the mat.
What can I do?

Pls help me out,

Analysis and Suggestions

For the 540, try digging down just a litttle bit more with your whole body. Also, step out more. Don't just step your digging foot right under you, step towards the direction you'll be traveling just a littttle more, and shift your weight a little more towards that direction as well. Also, really distinguish between the setup and the takeoff.
For the B-Twist, you're not carrying yourself all the way through the takeoff. You're doing the setup and then sorta jumping straight haha. It looks verrry interesting indeed but you really need to sweep your upper body all the way over when you take off for a B-Twist. You should reach for over as you takeoff in this trick. Look at the examples of others. I'd recommend practicing doing this with just regular B-Kicks first and getting those good, and compare those B-Kicks to good examples of other B-Kicks. Remember to carry the take off all the way over! Have fun!

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