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Advice for CaptJones  

March 16, 2009
Hello Skilz!
Here's me doing a bkick (I'm in white).
I have been struggling with these bkicks for about a year now. I don't know where to put my hands- they keep flailing around, I land off-balance and too far away from the liftoff point. I would, one day, like to turn that into a btwist. Any tips matey?

Analysis and Suggestions

Your B-Kick is very good for a beginner and doesn\'t need a whole lot of work in all honesty. Yay!

With the arms, try to just keep them closer to your center. You don\'t need to yank them back, that doesn\'t do much. Instead, sorta just lift your arms open and back just a littttle but keep them controlled. If you want, you can keep them in a guard position even. But watch videos of other people doing good B-Kicks and Wushu practitioners and notice what they do with their arms.
Instead of yanking your arms up behind you also, try lifting your chest up a little more too. When you jump up try to keep your upper body straight but also elevate it into the jump. Pretend that there\'s an explosion between your knee and your chest so your chest now has to be pushed way upwards into the sky! Make sure though that it\'s still outstretched like it is now, so that your hips can go up just as high as well!
Traveling that far isn\'t that bad in itself, however if you want to not travel that far, during the setup of the trick sorta slow yourself down and focus the jump on just going up up up. Even if you do still move a little, it\'s all about telling yourself what to do. Sometimes, you just have to tell your body what you want the end result to be and not necessarily how to get there, yeno what I mean? But you travel a reasonable distance anyways so I wouldn\'t say it\'s bad.
Good job so far, I\'m sure you\'ll be getting that B-Twist soon :).

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