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Advice for Yusef'  

May 09, 2009
Thanks in advance for your help. I've been working this for about 8 months. Basically I would like this to me more floaty and less inverted. It is too fast/hard landing and requires more power to get round than it should. As you can tell it hurts to land this.

Analysis and Suggestions

Sorry for the late response...
Anywho, I see the biggest problem is that you're going down as you takeoff into the trick. You want to bend down and jump up. You're sorta taking off straight into the trick with no setup. If you look slowly through the part where you do take off you'll notice that your jumping leg doesn't really bend at all like a spring to jump off of. And your upper body bends down...but only when you going into the trick.
You want to bend down first a bit, dig down a little, then jump up; then take off. Like a spring, the spring coils down then it jumps up. It doesn't just jump up, it needs to coil first. So dig down and coil up like that spring, then leap into the move! It's hard to get used to at first.
That and, if you can Aerial, try to apply some principles from the Aerial into this move. Lots of digging, jumping, arm swinging, and all that good stuff.
But if you jump into the trick, you don't have to rush your body around to the landing, you have time for your body to naturally flow into the landing, not much forcefulness required. Jump up my friend! Keep your chin up too. Dig down, jump up, and do the rest of the technique you're already doing and you got this.

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