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Advice for McJizzle  

November 11, 2007

Analysis and Suggestions

The good man McJizzle wants to consistently swing his b-twists through into other tricks.

He already has a good base for doing this, and only needs a few small tweaks to help with the swing through.

One thing it seems like is that you aren't lifting your chest back up that much. Make sure that after you dip, you pull your chest back up consciously. Pull it back up as you jump and as you lift your back leg up. This will help all of your b-twist variations, and greatly help with swing throughs. For me, this helped to swing my leg through easy without having to think about it.
Make sure to try to throw yourself up and not travel as much too. Think about going up instead of going out and forwards.

And finally, for swinging through b-twists, twisting fast and soon helps a lot. You seem to already be doing this, you twist coming right off the ground. For later variations and such you should delay the twist more, but for swinging through b-twists it's very beneficial to twist soon and fast.

So just lift your chest up (think of pulling your back back up into a standing position) as you lift your back leg up hard, and throw it all up while twisting fast and easy. You already almost have it, so it should be quite easy sir! :)

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