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Advice for RaizRunner  

July 29, 2009
Ok so typically I've drilled this move over and over and over for 2 weeks now. I believe that I can do this pretty much whenever. But my goal is B-twist s/t cork. I have a solid b-kick with nice height. I 've also read your b-twist tutorial. But I still can't seem to get s/t down. I'm thinking I need to keep my legs straight but i'm not so sure.

Analysis and Suggestions

It's a good start for sure, it seems though like the twist is still slightly uncomfortable, and that the jump isn't really emphasized. Instead of jumping up with your whole body, your pushing off the ground which is good but everything stays in the same spot in the air, instead of going up.
When you take off into the B-Twist, jump up with everything you have. Think of lining up your leading (jumping) knee with your chest, and then creating as much space between your knee and your chest as you can as fast as you can. Jumping involves not only pushing with your legs, but also that your whole body goes up.
Still keep stretching your upper body out like you are now along with that though, so you get horizontal.
Twist firmly, with both arms. Both arms should be controlled and wrap into the twist. They should wrap firmly and tightly, and when it comes to swinging through they should open back up as you spot the ground.
Speaking of spotting the ground, the head should be leading the twist, turning hard to the side you're twisting towards synchronously with the wrapping of your arms. Wrap everything in tight!
For additional help with swinging through, practice B-Twist Rounds. Kicking out of the B-twist helps you get used to the one foot landing, as well as control the trailing (swing through) leg. It also helps you control your twist and spotting, for when you B-Twist Round you want to spot in front of you in the direction you're going, instead of back at the ground like you would in a regular B-Twist.
Try these things, have fun! :)

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