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Advice for Victor  

July 30, 2009
Ive been going for the 540 about 1-2 years now and still havent landed this move. I think fear contributes to this as my non kicking leg automatically drops to the ground, and wont stay in one position for me to tuck it and kick over it.

Analysis and Suggestions

The setup and most of the technique is there, but the thing that is missing is a firm, distinguishable jump! At least, from what I can tell, the frame rate makes things sorta hard to tell but it's fine haha.
Anyways, here's what I would like you to do. Do your setup and takeoff, but dig down more onto the jumping leg during the setup, and jump very quickly upwards while you do the takeoff. And do not kick. Do the whole move with 2 major changes: 1) The goal is now to jump up as high and fast as you can off one foot when you do the takeoff and 2) there is no more kick. Anticipating the kick often kills the jump.
So just do that, do everything you're doing now but focus on just jumping high, do not try to kick. If you find you can't jump that much, then you need to bend down a little more during the setup. So far you seem to be bending down enough, but for some reason you're not jumping that.
Remember, the body is like a spring, first you need to coil tight and down, and then you extend yourself upwards and jump. Just jump jump jump.
Once you get used to jumping, practice kicking one full count after you jump off the ground. That is to say, do the setup, takeoff, and after you foot leaves the ground tell yourself to wait one split second while in the air, and then bring the knee up for a chamber, then kick. Basically, you kick distinguishably after you jump. You don't try to kick your leg up before or during the jump, that will be detrimental. Don't be afraid to take certain parts out of the technique (in this case, the kick) when first learning moves like these; work on the problem areas (in this case, the jumping up for a good kick), and once you're used to them, work the other parts of the technique back into the move.

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