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Advice for Kiwarrior  

August 16, 2009
Hey Skilzat!
This is my 'Raiz'.Though I've been working on it for months, the move still confuses me. Mainly the leg swing, and the turning part. I also want it inverted, but it's a mess now.
Please give me some advice.
Thx in advance

Analysis and Suggestions

Right now your setup is very light, even for a cheat setup, study up on that a little more and try powering it up.

As far as your technique goes, it seems like you're basically doing a tornado kick with no kick and your head back. Really observe the Raiz technique used by most people, how they dip into it in the setup and takeoff into the technique. Instead of pivoting sideways like a Tornado kick, instead pivot towards the direction you're going to be traveling.
Think about doing sort of an Aerial, or even Gainer, from your cheat/step-in setup. It's infinitely more similar to those techniques than it is to a Tornado. Basically, your whole technique needs to change haha, but you're trying and that's good! :)

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