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Advice for RaizRunner  

February 25, 2010
I know you don't have a tutorial for Corks but I do know you can do them. But anyways, I've been doing corks for a month now. My gainer flashes are really nice and high too. But I can't land my corks at all. I'm having a lot of trouble getting height on them. What do you think is the problem? Thanks in advance!

Analysis and Suggestions

You're having the same problem that I used to have a lot, well I probably still do I just don't do as many corks as of late haha.
Your gainer flashes are nice and high you say, right? But your corks are low and forced, yes? I think it's because when you try to cork, you're thinking "cork", instead of "gainer with twist." For some people like you and me, it isn't easy to get all the timing for the cork right.
What you want to do is really approach the trick exactly like a gainer flash until you are completely off the ground, then twist. If you anticipate the cork, you'll start twisting prematurely.
Rather, you want to set up high and fast into the trick, and then twist.

Remember, the Cork still has a flip in there. You need to complete the full gainer flipping rotation as a part of the cork. It is basically a somewhat slanted gainer with a twist, so the flip is just as important as the twist.
At the moment, you're not flipping much, you're just twisting. And, you're leaning back while you jump, and not going up very high. This is why I said earlier to really emphasize the gainerage of this. It's difficult, because even though you can be told the technique to do, it's something you really have to feel.

All I can say is really work on those gainer flashes, even if they're already good. Then, add a delayed twist on to them to. Remember to flip your corks just as much as you flip your gainers! Have fun!

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 RaizRunner March 01, 2010 3:42pm
Thank you so much skilzat! Once the weather clears up or as soon as I get to the gym I'll definitely work on my gainer flashes and work on my corks.