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Advice for shul0  

February 28, 2010
Here is my tornado, I didnt practiced it too long, but I want to turn it into 540 kick. I want to know, what to do better if you can help me :)

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Analysis and Suggestions

So far most of your technical details are correct. All you need to do is jump more! Haha.

Right now, you're jumping enough to do the trick decently enough by itself. However, for the 540 you really want to power it up.
If you look at your upper body (mostly head and arms), you'll see they don't go as high up from their starting position as say your lower body. And then when the kick comes up, you kinda have to scrunch up a bit and force it, you know what I'm saying?
So when you jump, make sure you're pushing your entire body up, from head to toe! Really stretch everything up there, tell yourself to go UP! And fast!
Then after you jump, chamber the kick quickly and then kick it out quickly. You just have to get that little bit of timing going, between jumping and kicking. If you try to kick or chamber too early (e.g., while you're jumping), it feels very forced and does not flow properly, right? So make sure you've jumped: you've set up into the air and now you're ready to kick!

I'm just reiterating a few points for emphasis, so don't get me wrong, you are off to a VERY good start with this Tornado Kick. Keep it up!

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 shul0 March 01, 2010 3:03pm
Thank you really much for fast response and your help! I didnt expect you will do this so fast :D I will let my leg to heal up, and try the best ;) Thanks!