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9-13-11 Session

This was my third session after my year hiatus from tricking. Well I suppose the hiatus has really been longer than that since I haven't really been training more than a handful of times a year. But three weeks in a row for me almost never happens, haha. And this is the third week. Did some new stuff.

Session on 8-29-11

This was my first tricking session in over one year at the time I had it. I decided to go to the park and try a few basics. Some turned out well, some turned out ok. But it was an enjoyable time all around.
♪ Big Sean ft. Chris Brown - My Last (Instrumental)

Late 2009 Sessions

Attempting to try to train consistently again, here are two sessions from the latter part of the 2009 year. I guess a month and a half between sessions is, uhhh, closer to consistent? ;) It was a whole lot of fun though.
♪ Earth, Wind, and Fire - September ('99 Remix)

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Training Session - August 15, 2009

This was one Saturday which I decided it was time to start doing a bunch of tricks again! Injuries had healed! It was time! Alas, in the time it took for everything to heal, technical degradation had also had an effect. But that time is also good for understanding that it's about having fun, and getting out there and doing something amazing! Great park, great atmosphere, great session!
♪ None (You can listen to my radio in the background though :D)

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Late 07 to Early 08 Scrap

Here are a few selections from my tricking way back from the latter part of 2007 into 2008. Lots of single tricks and technique cleaning, enjoy!
♪ FFVII Crisis Core - A Moment of Courtesy

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