What is a Monogram and How to Make One

Many people agree that the LV logo is simple, yet it radiates a mysterious, intriguing air and is highly memorable. And, just so you know, that primary logo is part of monogram art. Undoubtedly, it is a brilliant way to make the brand stand out and be well-known by many people without complicated lettering or symbols.

If you like something exclusive and particular, and when people see it, they can tell it’s yours from afar, it’s time to learn a bit of the art of monograms. Yet, if you are unfamiliar with it, no worries. In a minute, you will be able to tell what is a monogram and how to make one.

The History of Monogram

What is a Monogram

First and foremost, let us return to the ancient era when Rome’s brilliant kings extended their dominion over the globe. During the Roman period, particularly in the 6th century B.C., coins were engraved with the initials of the rulers of the time, and King Charlemagne was the first emperor to do so. So it was a royal mainstay, even during the Victorian era, when each royal had their monogram to identify one from the other.

Because of its sophistication, monogram has evolved and been adapted to the modern world, literally on anything. It has swept the world and is a favourite of many, including Taylor Swift, who wears it by teaming up with an artist to make her beautiful “Red Album Ring.” Then let us look at the meaning of a monogram.

What is a monogram?

Now, let us remind you of the definition of monogram once more. What exactly is a monogram? The simple explanation is that a monogram is an art form comprised of two to three letters combined. You’ve turned the letters into a work of art. Typically, it is the first, middle, and final initials of your name, which is why a monogram design has significant meaning, is unique, and one-of-a-kind.

It’s like announcing the goods or something owned by certain people, companies, or sovereign rules, and it is read from left to right. Simply said, a monogram is a special mark of ownership over whatever the monogram is printed on, whether it be a company’s unique identity or one of the many accessories such as mugs, bags, shirts, necklaces, scarves, bathrobes, and so on.

How to Make Your Own Monogram?

what is a monogram

In actuality, the rules of monogramming are fairly straightforward. For example, the traditional approach combines the three initials into one. It then prints it to proclaim your ownership, whether it’s on your favourite lovely mug from your husband or that fluffy blanket you got from rummaging in the yearly bazaar last week.

Apart from the traditional way of monogramming, there are also some rulings you need to follow. For instance, cited from Southern Living, the monogramming rules consist of eight rules.

  • Single individual monogram
  • A traditional monogram for a single individual
  • Two-letter monogram for a single individual
  • Double name monogram after marriage
  • Multiple middle names
  • Traditional couple monogram
  • Double last names
  • Hyphenated last name

You may use the conventional approach to print a monogram by stitching it with linen and making your signature staple. However, since monogramming has become a hot potato at wedding parties—as you will see, many people have adopted it to embellish their wedding décor—and considering that we live in a digital era, the monogramming logo with the help of technology is inescapable.

From Looka, here are some tips to make your digital monogramming run smoothly;

  • Determine the character
  • Be creative with the character feature
  • Be wise with the colouring
  • Put well-thought in the shape and layout department

After you’ve learned what is a monogram and how to create one, you can either create your own or have a digital designer create one for you. So it’s safe to say that monogramming is a novel way to convey to the world what it’s like to have your signature!