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Advice for Caloy  

May 08, 2010
Hello There,
So I have been trying to do a 540 for about 2 weeks now and I just can't land it. I need solid tips for this. Thank you Sir and btw, are you active in TS forums?

Analysis and Suggestions

Technically speaking it's looking good so far.

It seems to me like you're really forcing it though. Mostly, that you're forcing it around/over to the side instead of up. Keep doing what you're doing, but now change your mindset: tell yourself to jump up. More than that, tell yourself to go up, FAST. You seem to be wanting to muscle the trick, rather than do it quickly. Just try to do things fast but methodically.
Focus on jumping up instead of turning over. The turning over seems to already be in your muscle memory fine, so now tell yourself to jump. Jump up looong before you kick! Make sure you're not trying to kick as you're coming straight off the ground. You need to JUMP and then KICK. That's the rhythm. It's not JUMP AND KICK. It's JUMP, then, KICK. Focus on jumping up into the air all quick and powerfully like a mighty man! Feel the mightiness of the jump seep in! And then, after feeling said mightiness, then you can kick, haha.

You're really close, just break it down into those steps man. Jump, jump! :) And no, I'm not particularly active on the TS forums, though I do have an account there, and occasionally visit. Take care!

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