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Advice for ShayParkour  

May 16, 2011
First of all, I sent you an advice request a while back, but since then my backs have become better and I made a new video. However I'm going to copy paste the question for the most part because the problems are still the same just less worse.

This is my backflip. I just got over the fear a while back, so I'm happy for that, but my height is abominable. I know I need to go up, and jump straight up, etc., everyone tells me that. But even though I try to do those things none of the advice tells me exactly how to go up, get height or whatever. I'm moving back too much and I can see that my head is literally about a foot from the ground.

Also, my impact at the end is hard and painful. No sexual jokes. Hahah. Anyway, the shock runs through my entire body and my ankles take it all, so I don't want to do these much before I get more height as I think if I fix that I'll have less impact.

So my question is, can you help me with the height on this and specifically tell me what I have to do with my body? Also, if my height isn't the only problem could you elaborate and tell me how to fix the other ones?

Thanks bro. Much appreciated if you can help me fix this stuff :)

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