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Advice for Shadowless  

May 25, 2011
Hi! Thank you for your 540 kick help. It's improved dramatically in the past few months.

Anyways, I've started to learn backflips. I had learned how to do backflips and layouts on the tumbletrack a year ago, but I had forgotten until now.
The video shows my backtuck, flashkick, and X-Out.
I simply haven't tried doing these without that mattress as a small boost.

Basically, I tried doing a backtuck on the mattress a month ago, and I've played around with it and have gotten a flashkick, X-Out, and layout out of it.

I can do a backhandspring, and for some reason I have fear over doing a roundoff-backtuck without the mattress also.

I'm also not sure about when I should open up with my X-Out. I know you don't have any tutorials on it, but I was wondering if you had any tips on it.

Thanks again!

Analysis and Suggestions

Your tricks look really good! Quite high.

As far as the X-Out goes, this is where your Back Tuck needs to be very much a Back Tuck, and not at all a whip back or anything like that. When you do your back flipping tricks, your head looks back and you jump into an arch each time. This is good for some back flip variations, but not the X-Out.

For the X-Out, you need to jump very high up and tuck in early, without looking back. You want to look forward for as long as possible (which will be about a split second) and bring your knees up as you do this. After you've curled in, then explode!

It's like jumping into a fetal position, and then exploding like some sort of ridiculous starfish!
Hmm I spent the last 5 minutes looking for a video to use as an example on youtube, but I can't really find one, cause most X-Outs apparently aren't that good. Yours right now honestly looks better than most hehe.

Anyways, what I described is one style. Jujimufu does this here: Some people kick their legs out the second they've jumped off the ground, like this guy:

So basically, it's just harder to do this move with an arching back flip. Try keeping your body relatively unarched and keep looking forward as long as you can, and learn to let the tuck carry you further around, instead of the arch. Try that, then just add in the X-Out. Keep practicing it, and you'll be good to go!

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