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Advice for BlueGZ  

May 17, 2010

I'm having a little trouble with my raiz!
I learnt gumbis the other day so now my raiz is inverted and all of that, but for some reason i am constantly landing with my chest down and my raiz is near impossible to swing!

halps pl0x!

Analysis and Suggestions

I delayed on posting advice for this one because was hard to think of any advice for it haha.

You're landing them very well in this video honestly. Heck, by the time you read this they'll probably be even better!

Your chest is upright relative to the orientation of your hips to chest. If you want it to be more objectively upright, try not leaning away from the body as much. When you lower your upper body, try to keep your chest closer to your center. Another way of thinking of that is to keep your chest more so it's vertically over your knee. This way, your lower body doesn't have to travel around your upper body as much.

So, instead of focusing on dipping down or outwards, focus on keep your upper body closer and a little higher when you're setting up and taking off. Also, after you dip, think of everything going UP into the takeoff.

And, just keep working with the technique so it becomes easier with your body. Yours is good enough now to the point where, honestly, you can probably tell yourself to feel these changes as you do it, rather than trying to apply hard and fast technical rules. But who knows! It's looking good though, keep it up!

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