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Advice for Shadowless  

February 23, 2011
I started landing 540 kicks and aerials a couple weeks ago (yes, almost consecutively), and I'm just wondering what immediate help I need.

For example, my 540 kick isn't very smooth at all. My leg is bent, my landing is broken, etc. And as for my aerial, I'm not too sure what to do with my hands. I don't seem to be getting enough height.

I have a solid tornado kick, cartwheel, one-hand cartwheel, diving cartwheel, etc down.

Lastly, I can't seem to perform these tricks without shoes on. (That's why you see them on in the video)

Analysis and Suggestions

Hehe, for some reason I like those a lot!

Now for both of those, one thing I'm going to say on top of the little advice I'm going to give you, is just to practice them. You're pretty new to them, so just keep doing them! The more you do them, the more your body will find easier ways to make them happen. It's smart like that! You don't need as much technical help as you just need to keep doing them until you get used to being able to do them proficiently and variably. Try tweaking small things while doing the tricks, and see the effect they have.

Now, as far as technical advice goes. For your 540 you're moving pretty far forward. Focus on staying closer to the same spot as you 540. And if you do move, move in the direction of your kick. You see, while your body is all moving in one direction, but you're trying to kick 90 degrees in another's just not as comfortable or easy for your body.

So when you jump into the trick, you don't want to move too far in any direction, but when you do move, you want to move in the same way you're kicking. If you're kicking with your right leg towards the left, for instance. So instead of traveling forward, you want to travel moreso towards the right, just a tad ;).

The Aerial is looking good so far for just having gotten it. Like I said before, simply practicing the move will help it. However, if there's one thing I could say (that your body may start doing just by practicing it, possibly) is dip down sooner, before you jump. You do your little bound into the Aerial, which is good. But you dip your upper body down as your back foot starts to come up. It's working decently for you now. But, if you bend your upper body down just a little earlier, before your back leg swings up, I'm sure you'll find the trick a little easier to do better ;).
Since we're going to dip a little earlier, instead of leaving our head all the way down there, try pushing your upper body out in the direction of that you're Aerialing, instead of down. So as you take off into the Aerial, instead of your head going further down, it stays at about the same height. Dip earlier and things are just better, trust me :).

You're doing very good! And good job on jumping into that 540 especially! Keep up the good work, I think you have lots of fun tricking times ahead of you!

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