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Advice for AjStyles  

April 18, 2008
Raiz problem (major)
Sorry this clip was a bit long.
Tips for other moves too if you have

Analysis and Suggestions

Alright the main issue here is the Raiz according to you, but I'll advise on a couple other moves in here to the best of my ability.

Cheat 720:
I usually go into my little shpeal about how you turn while you're taking off, then you actually spin once you're in the air, but the problem for yours is much worse than that, and much more obvious, which means it's hopefully easier to fix.
If you watch most good Cheat 720s, the arms start relatively open, then when they spin around, they close in tight and pull over.
Well, your arms open WAY up and pull behind you ahaha. What the heck! You curl them in and then they pull out wayyy behind you and open you up haha. This makes it just about physically impossible to spin around all the way for the kick. WRAP your arms in tight, keep them in front of you, and keep pulling them and your elbows around. Keep a conscious sense of your arms: know where they are. Keep them held close to you, and keep TURNING until you can face the target. One thing that might help is practicing all of this without kicking, you might mess up in anticipation of the kick. So just practice the whoel Cheat 720 without a committed kick, make sure you WRAP your arms in hard.

360 Crescent: Not that bad really. Try kicking a little sooner, and a little faster. You might have to work on basic outside crescents for this, but just keep trying what you're doing right now, but kick a little sooner, and try to do everything faster.

Raiz: This really isn't that bad either. One thing you can do is not try to turn side to side as much. I can see you're treating this like any other "Cheat" move with turns side to the side, but in reality, you should be trying to almost "flip" around backwards. When you start taking off, keep your chin up, and as you turn into the move, keep pulling your head back to maintain a consistent arch. At this point, think of doing like a Gainer or something from the Raiz takeoff. If all else fails in trying to make your Raiz inverted and such: flip, don't spin/turn/whatever.

The Double Leg actually does not look that bad. They look good, actually.

The Parafuso does not look so bad either, don't worry about chambering it that much though. Just try doing everything faster/better haha.

One thing that can probably benefit you greatly is trying to gain greater flexibility. Stretch a lot, practice dynamic stretches a lot, and practice basic kicks a lot. You've probably heard this before, but it's true!

Keep up the good work!

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