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Advice for ninjitsian  

June 05, 2008
okay i use jujis take off, i dig, chamber my non kicking leg and focus on my target. im told i dont use my arms enough but im not sure. i also try not to turn a full 180 degrees. i also have trouble keeping my leg straight but it isnt because im inflexible. i can kick wayyyyy over my head.
thank you much yo

Analysis and Suggestions

You need to separate each individual component of the trick.

Your upper body is getting thrown up and around before you start jumping, when in fact, these things need to happen at the same time! You dig and pivot in slightly with your arms up and all that, that is all one step. You need to do all of that step, and only that step. Immediately afterwards, you do the whole next step, the takeoff. You jump up, swing your leg up/around, and throw your arms up/around, as well as looking at the target. These all have to happen at the same time.

So it goes step > step. Setup > Takeoff. Dig and Pivot > Turn and Jump. Make each step very forceful yet very distinctive.

You don't need to do the big "Juji" setup, especially judging by the way you dig in your 540, so just go with a nice little pivot, and don't be afraid to dig a tad bit more. And practice practice practice.

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