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Advice for Nathan  

December 27, 2008
I am currently working on a cork, I have a few problems,
1. I can't land it
2. From what people have been saying its more of a gainer full im doing

What I know:
1. I need to kick my foot out at more of an angle to stop from going into the gainer full, i think

Analysis and Suggestions

It seems that your setup might be causing you to lose some power. I mean sure you can use it but it makes things less efficient. Try taking one longer step into the trick, instead of hopping way up in the air then coming back onto it. Hop into a pivot which is very close to the ground, don't jump up then come down then try to jump up again.

This sorta relates to my next point of advice, which was to practice more Gainer Flashes or Slant Gainers. Practice doing your gainers onto that mat, and try to get them high. Don't lean back as much. You want to flip around or get horizontal by your hips coming up to or over your head, not leaning your head back down, yeno? Practice those a lot, and get them very clean and effortless. Make sure you do them a little slanted when you want to prepare for the corkscrew. And swing the leading leg up very fast and firmly, don't let it draw. Pull that lower body up, and jump very quickly and distinguished! Try not to lean back while jumping up, just to reiterate.

Work on the Gainer variations first, the setup and the takeoff, how to make it all work well for you. After that, it's as simple as adding the spin onto that. It seems you already have the basic principles of spinning it down, but what you need is the foundation that comes with a strong gainer takeoff at this point. After you get that, you'll have this in no time!

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