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Advice for Brandon  

January 04, 2009
Ok so i've been working on my standing flash kick recently, and i have been having a tough time landing it.i cant seem to get my first foot under me (the kicking foot) and the other leg doesnt get the chance to support me. I've been told to hold the kick in longer, and to reduce the split between my legs, but i dont want to sacrifice cleanliness, even if it is just temporary so i can stick the landing. I was hoping you would be able to offer me another way to fix it, besides making it

Analysis and Suggestions

So far, the technique looks quite alright. One thing that will majorly help is arching.

Now, you're going to want to reference my tutorial where I talk about this a lot. But for you specifically, just look back behind you further. You want to look back as far back behind you as you can as you jump.
However, don't mistake this for leaning back. You want to jump into an arch, and arch back while doing it.
Pretend there's a bar behind you, at about your neck level. You want to jump backwards over this bar without touching it. How can you do that? You jump into an arch over it! Stretch yourself over it. As you tilt your head back for the arch of the trick, really push yourself along the arch, and keep tilting your head back; the back of your head touching the back of your neck. Open that chest, stretch everything out! This makes it easy to swipe the kick in! Try it out ;)

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