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Advice for hieuxx  

February 26, 2009
Argghhhhh just can't seem to land btwists >_<

I've been working on it for bout a month and a bit now and i recon my b kicks are okay-ish :s

I just can't seem to land it... at all :s

Analysis and Suggestions

Make sure that when you do the setup, you bend down. Don't just dip your head down, you want to primarily bend down at the knees, as if you're bending down to jump up. And make sure you jump up. You want to jump up and swing your body over during the Takeoff. Practice doing this for Butterfly Kicks, feel the explosion off of the jumping leg. The leg is supposed to propel you up, and it will do this on regular Butterfly Kicks if you do it properly. You should almost travel in an arch, dipping down during the setup then flying up out of the takeoff.
You seem to have the basic idea of how to twist down, so that's good. Watch people performing B-Kicks and B-Twists and watch how they bend down as they dip and swing around for the setup, and then how they launch themselves into the air with a powerful jump! Have fun!

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