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Advice for nospoon'  

May 01, 2009
Hey i got my 540 after a while. Wondering how I can improve it in terms of landing. Posibly learn a sideswipe?

Analysis and Suggestions

Your body seems to have the mechanics of the setup, torquing, and kick all down well. One thing that will help make everything look better, and feel easier for you, is to jump into the trick. Since you already know how to do all the basic mechanics of the trick, focus now on jumping into the takeoff. Jump really distinguished, do not even think about kicking until your foot has left the ground. Think about jumping, then chambering, then kicking. The sooner you kick, the more forced it is, and the more effort it takes to kick. If you pause a split second after you jump before you kick, it should make a lot of difference. Don't try to travel for to the side, try to jump up then kick out snappy! Have fun! :)

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